The highlight of my weekend

I have a confession. Working this much definitely makes me want to drink more. Earlier this week after setting one of the biggest numbers in the show, I felt exhausted and came home, went straight to the fridge and grabbed a pumpkin ale. Then Friday night, I called Steve on my way home and asked if he wanted to get out of the house. We ended up at the Santan Brewery, each had a beer and called it a night. Then last night we had dinner plans with Jason after I got out of rehearsal. First we met up at hise house and I got to see my favorite niece Nico!

Nico, look at the camera!

I was tired from rehearsal and wanted iced coffee in a bad way. We stopped at a Starbucks that closed at 6pm. It was 6:01. Honestly, FML. So we popped into this old 50s-esque shop that claimed to serve coffee. All I saw on the menu was burgers and ice cream. Both things I loved, but we already had a dinner spot in mind. On the plus side, it was connected to this super cute vintage shop where Steve got to be artsy with the camera.

Finally, we went to a different Starbucks (I have a Starbucks problem), I got my iced coffee and we were off to dinner. We had decided to go to The Main Ingredient, a super cute restaurant downtown with fun outdoor seating. It used to be a house and is right on the corner of an old neighborhood. There was this super cool water fixture in the side yard area. We thought it was neat :)

The second I picked up the menu, I noticed this baby

White chocolate ale? Are you kidding me?! It might be my favorite beer ever. It is sweet, but still bubbly and not super heavy. Steve was supposed to share with me (it was 22 oz!), but then he took like three sips and gave me the rest. Yeah, thanks for that :)

Jason ordered one too. We were both pretty impressed. For dinner, I got a roasted veggie and goat cheese sandwich on focaccia bread. They give you a choice between salad or chips. I ALWAYS choose salad. I don’t know what came over me, but I ordered mine with chips!

Then ended up eating a total of about 4 chips haha. I guess I just wanted the option. But honestly, my sandwich and my beer were so delicious that I was set! Then, we migrated over to Four Peaks because I had never been there and they just recently came out with their seasonal Pumpkin Porter!

Jas and I got the pumpkin (duhhh—SOOOO good!, but white chocolate ale was better!) and Steve got some fruity beer. He cracks me up with his drinks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him order a wine cooler if it was an option :)

On the way there, we had a natural disaster experience when we got stuck in a sudden 90 second dust storm. There were winds of what must have been very high mileage and rain and dust, and then in 90 seconds, it was back to being 95 degrees and still. Oh Phoenix. Once we got seated, it was like we were all 16 again or something. We were being totally immature, but cracking ourselves and each other up. I haven’t laughed that hard in such a long time. Jason seriously has one of the best senses of humor of anyone I have ever met. We always find the same things hilarious and laugh when no one else does. We saw Scary Movie 2 together about 7 times and laughed so hard every single time. Plus Steve always knows how to make me laugh. Jason gave us a fascinating demonstraion of how to smell and taste your beer which Steve captured perfectly on camera.

Then I had a surprise run in with my friends Kelsey, Marisa and Liz. I love those ladies and I hadn’t seen them in forever! It was such a nice surprise! We ended the night by meeting Bethany for frozen yogurt at Yo Love after a navigation experience that was so funny I could never fully explain. Seriously, I just spent the entire night laughing my face off. I really really love my friends!


  1. Bethy says

    I really love you! Hanging out with my jegros was definitely the highlight of my weekend. I’m ready to throw this book against the wall…or wait maybe I mean my head. I only wish I could have taken part on the earlier part of the evening! Either way keep yo head up and know that I loves you and I’m always here if you need to just vent, talk…you know talk about how she thinks my tractors sexy!


  2. says

    Four Peaks has pumpkin ale already?! I have to go, pronto.
    And that white chocolate ale sounds amazing! I’ve never been out to eat in downtown (besides Hard Rock Cafe, but that doesn’t really count…), I’m obviously missing out. 😉

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