Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

Okay, so speedy for me is like an other person's power walk, but I was pretty happy with it ;)

Hello friends, I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! I had three glorious, consecutive days off. It was fabulous.I did lots of baking, and spent time with some of my favorite people. I had two different running dates Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I ran around my neighborhood with Carolyn before heading over to Nicole’s taffy pulling party (Nicole is the BEST hostess). Then yesterday I convinced my bestie to get on the running train with me! I met Bethy at the lake with the duckies and after not running for quite some time, she ran 3 miles with me! I’m soooo proud of her!!

This morning it was kind of nice to get out there just me. I love running with friends, but it’s also nice to be able to zone out and focus on myself and some speed!

Okay, so speedy for me is like an other person's power walk, but I was pretty happy with it ;)

Okay, so lately I have been having seriously strange food cravings. I don’t know if it’s from running more or what, but yesterday I asked Steve if we could make steak this week. Ummm, I don’t really eat red meat. I mean, I don’t label foods as “off limits” anymore, but typically I just choose white meat poultry and fish. However, a nice juicy fillet mingon still sounds so amazing. I’m going to have to make it happen. Then yesterday as I ate my delicious sandwich at Dilly’s Deli, I found myself thinking “I wish this had bacon on it!” Also, my appetite is all kinds of out of whack. I’ve been hungry 24/7 for going on 5 days in a row!! You’d think I would have had my fill from Thanksgiving, but I just feel like a bottomless pit. Not cool.

So with my weird cravings, I cannot confirm that what I have dubbed the best Thanksgiving leftover sandwich ever actually is in fact that, but it tastes pretty amazing to me 😉 I started by toasting 2 slices of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. I spread fig butter on one, topped with leftover white meat turkey and topped with leftover mashed sweet potatoes. On the other piece, I sprinkled goat cheese and dried cranberries. Then I put the whole thing in the oven on burn broil until warmed and the edges of the bread and cranberries were browned, then topped with apple sliced and put it all together. Yummmm.

I wish I had an other one right now.

Is it normal to be this hungry? I feel like when David After Dentist says “Is this gonna be foreeeevvvveeerrrrrr?”