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We are taking a moment from normal posts about my life and recipes (but trust me, the french toast I just made will be coming ASAP) to give out shout out to one of the most amazing and talented women I’ve ever met. Melissa Rae has been one of the most important friends in my life since we met working at theatre camp together in 2005. She is a constant glimpse into the kind of person I hope to become someday. A few (I forget exactly how long) years ago she made a shift in her career and started her own fashion design company. I know it hasn’t been easy for her, but her designs are amazing and she works so hard and is just so talented. I cannot talk her up enough. To fully understand, you’d have to meet her in person. If you live in the STL I highly suggest trying to make that happen!

Anyway, it is an incredibly exciting time for her as one of her garments is featured in this month’s issue of PEOPLE MAGAZINE!!!! I’m so very proud of her and I cannot wait to get my butt to the magazine stand.

If you have a moment, check out her clothes, give her some love, and a shout out for this huge accomplishment. She is oh so very important to me.

Off to work, posts tonight about the super cute restaurant I tried last night and the super delicious french toast I created this morning. Happy Saturday!

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