Mi Hermano: The Rock Star!

So, in case you weren’t aware, my brother is pretty much a rock star. He is an incredible musician and plays piano, bass, guitar, and can make his way around a drum set. Up until the 2 of us, there wasn’t really anyone in our family that pursues performing arts, and then my dad got a musical theatre performer/director/choreographer and a multi instrument musician! Good thing we don’t come from one of those crazy families where we are considered failures if we’re not doctors and lawyers. Quite the opposite–we are lucky to have a really supportive family and each other to make music with (when my crazy schedule allows). I can’t imagine a scenario I’d rather sing in than with this awesomely talented (and hilarious) 14 year old! Last night he had his first high school performance. He is one of the only freshman in the top jazz band, and he is also in the top orchestra. Steve tested out the video on his camera and got this amazing video of them playing. You can’t really see Jacob because the bass position is all the way in the back and he is just beginning his growth spurt (he is finally taller than me and it makes me sad–and he won’t let me forget it either!) So if you have some time, take a look/listen. They’re pretty fantastic in my biased opinion :)

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