Hermano’s Piano Recital

Today Mi Hermano performed in his ninth piano recital. Oh my gosh, he was AMAZING!! He played this ridiculously hard Beethoven piece and then two fabulous Coldplay pieces (Christmas Lights was my fav I think) and then together we performed Adele’s Turning Tables. I don’t know what my problem was, but I got so nervous! I just don’t sing that often anymore, and I hated everything about my performance, so no I will not be sharing that part. But I will share his amazingness, so you will get the good stuff :)

We got to his house a little early to practice and Steve got right to playing photographer. I was actually trying to give him the evil eye at this moment, but apparently my evil eye needs some work 😉

One of the very few pictures of myself that I actually really like. I’m actually looking forward to getting some free head shots out of him here soon! I also love this one.

Cindy (Hermano’s mom)

After the recital, Steve really wanted to get some good pics with my grandma. She is 88 years old which I feel like is a pretty amazing accomplishment–is it weird that I consider old age an accomplishment? Anyway, at the risk of sounding morbid, at 88 you never know what will happen tomorrow so we wanted to get some good photos in.



That’s my dad. He’s a little nutty, but I love him.

Here is the super challenging Beethoven piece he played. Steve is working on uploading the rest on his youtube channel


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    Love that picture of you! You look gorgeous. I have zero artistic/musical talents so I’m always in awe of other people’s talents! Your bro is very good. :)

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