Friendmas 2011

I have a few favorite holiday traditions

  • Spending Christmas Eve at Steve’s mom’s house and waking up there Christmas morning (and waking everyone else up at 6am because I am so excited).
  • Looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve
  • Going to the special house by Jason and Nacho
  • Friendmas

3 years ago we started having our own friend Christmas celebration. Jason and Nacho have family out of the state so they’re always out of town on Christmas, so about a week before we all usually get together, do Friendmas dinner and presents. We rotate houses each year and this year it was our turn! We invited Bethy, Jason, Nacho, Lucius and Nico over for a Friendmas extravaganza!

I made grilled cheese and tomato soup. Yummmm.

Winston and Clementine were excited to get some extra attention from their favorite aunt and uncles, and to play with Lucius and Nico.

"Love me. I'm cute."

"Come pay attention to us!!!"

"YAY! Aunt Bethy to the rescue!"

Lucius is so cute. Bethany totally plays favorites with him even though Winston and Clementine are clearly the greatest dogs on Earth.

"Tada!!!! I made dinner! What? We were talking about the dogs? Well, I'm bored, let's talk about me!"

After dinner, we gathered around the tree to open presents. I LOVE PRESENTS!!!!

Nacho has about a billion movies so we got them this cute cinema sign to put above all of the movies.

Jason and Nacho got Bethy a movie. There were lots of movie gifts happening last night.

"I love presents!!!!"

Muppets Monopoly! I love games. I love Muppets. Thanks Bethy!! Can't wait to play!

Nacho is so odd with animals sometimes.

Bethy got Nacho The Lion King in 3D so he posed with Winston, presenting him like baby Simba. Makes perfect sense, right? Nico wanted to be presented too.


Clementine was exhausted from doing things she wasn't supposed to all day week long.

Look! An other movie! To Jason from Bethy.

Steve got gift cards to F1 Race Factory from Jason and Nacho.

To Bethy from Me

Jason and Naco got me a baking mat from the happiest place on Earth (that means Williams Sonoma. Sometimes Disneyland, but today Williams Sonoma).

Winston, what the heck are you doing? How can that be comfortable?!

Steve and I got Nacho season 2 of Glee

Jason had been using a crappy glass cutting board that drove me crazy every time I cooked at his house. So selfishly, we got him a fancy wood one. Happy cutting Jasy!


Bethy was surprised to see a joint gift from the whole group.

She recently started running and is getting ready for her first 5K in January, so we all chipped in and bought her a Garmin! I'm so proud of her and I help she finds the Garmin as helpful as I have!

Check out this awesome bundt pan!!! I've never seen one like it, and I've been wanting a bundt pan for soooo long! Thanks Jason and Nacho!!!

Steve also got Tron in 3D from Bethy, but was hoarding the camera so we didn’t get a picture. After presents, I decided to put my new baking mat to use and made dessert.

The best friends family a girl could ask for!

The entire night was perfect. I feel so lucky to have the most amazing group of friends. Jason, Bethy and I have been best friends for something like 12 years. I think when I met Bethany, I was still in 8th grade! We’ve all changed a lot throughout the years, but I couldn’t imagine my life without them!

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Do you do a separate friend Christmas?


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