Birthday Celebration Part 3

I know, I know…I’m sorry! I ended up having a lot of smaller celebrations this year rather than one big one, and I must confess, I have 2 more this weekend. My actual birthday started out awesome! I met Jason at the park for a 3 mile run. He is getting back into training and it was awesome to run with him and chat, and get a chance to hang out just the two of us. After our run, I met up with Kara and headed out to Liberty Market for breakfast. In case you didn’t know, they give you free food on your birthday! You know me, I don’t turn down free! Confession….One year I seriously went to as many places as possible to see how many things I could get for free. That’s super embarrassing now, but I still appreciate the whole not having to pay on my special day :)

I started with an almond soy latte.

It's no La Grande Orange latte, but it was still delicious.

Kara got this super cool “drink” that was shots of espresso with milk and a raw sugar. It was super strong, but delicious!

For breakfast, I ordered an egg white & veggie scramble that came with potatoes and the star of the meal–the most delicious biscuit!!!

This biscuit tasted like they dipped it in butter before they baked it! And, they probably did....

I had been wanting to try Liberty Market for a while, and I have to say I loved it! I really want to try it at lunch or dinner time too. After breakfast, I headed home to get some work done before heading out to teach. I had a small break in the middle of my day that I got to spend with Nicole!! She had emailed me a couple of days before about how Yogurtland was giving away free yogurt between 4-7 that day and asked if I wanted to go with her. Free fro yo on my birthday?! OKAY!!!!!

Nicole totally surprised me by bringing me flowers! She is such an amazing friend, and honestly if even nothing ever comes of this blog, I will be beyond happy that it has given me some absolutely incredible friends.

After yogurt, I headed out to tech rehearsal, and spent the remainder of my birthday doing what I love with an awesome group of kiddos. Sure, I wasn’t thrilled to be at work, but I seriously love this group of kids so much that it made it pretty awesome.

And then….!!!! For my final present from life, after many, many denials, my pb&j cookies made it onto Food Gawker!!!!

The next day, this little blog had it’s busiest day so far :) Happiness all around!

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    It looks like you have had an amazing birthday! Hope it continues into the weekend!!! I LOVE that you got a bike, I ride mine along the canal all the time! :)

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    I’ve had lunch at Liberty Market and it was delicious – I’ve been wanted to go back ever since (and it looks like I’ll be going on my bday hahah)

    Congrats on getting your photo on Food Gawker! They were delicious and beautiful thus deserve to be on it :)

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