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Wayyyyy back in June, I promised Jason what I thought would be a pretty amazing 30th birthday present–a private (ish–6-8 people) cooking class from Whisked Away. Whisked Away was started by a chef named Maggie and she has all these cool cooking classes right out of her home! So you get to cook in a real normal home kitchen–I mean it was a little fancy, but not like things you couldn’t have in your own home. It took a lot of time and energy to coordinate scheduling with 6 different people with different schedules as well as Maggie’s busy class schedule, but we finally (3.5 months later) got it together!

It actually could not have worked out more perfectly. Race in the morning, cooking class in the evening! Rehearsal in between–wah. When we walked in, there were chairs and recipe packets all set up for us. Luckily, we only sat for the first 10ish minutes–I am a doer, not a watcher and I was getting antsy! As soon as we started cooking, the class began to exceed all of my expectations. First of all, can we talk about how they let you bring wine?!

Also, they had the dinner table all set up for us. So nice!

The class we chose was titled “Elegant Dinner Party”, a 5 course meal including tomato dip, zucchini gratin, polenta souffle, stuffed tenderloin, and bread pudding. I was a little disappointed when I realized that we didn’t get to make each all of it–we each chose a course to work on. But I quickly realized how ridiculous it would have been to have 6 versions of everything! Our group included Steve, Jason, Bethany, Steve’s friend Josh and his girlfriend Ashley. I told Jason he got to choose first since it was his birthday present and of course he chose the meat, and Bethy asked to work on it with him. I quickly grabbed dessert. I know. You’re shocked, aren’t you? Steve wanted the appetizer (tomato dip) so that he could be done more quickly and photograph. Ashley chose the zucchini and Josh chose the polenta.

I was the star student and finished first, so I got to assist with the tomato dip and the polenta. I made sure to rub it in everyone’s face and Jason tried to accuse me of taking the easiest dish! I just really love dessert, okay?!

I must confess that as soon as we looked at the ingredients for all the dishes, my eye immediately went to words like heavy cream and butter. And the measurements next to them 2 cups, 12 tablespoons. I had a little bit of a mini freak out in my mind, and I wanted to say “Oh, would you mind if i went and bought some fat free half and half instead?” I don’t remember the last time I bought HEAVY CREAM. 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have eaten any of it. Not a bite. And I would have cried on the way home. Instead, I breathed, gave myself a pep talk, and let myself relax a little with a couple glasses of wine. I kept my portions small so that I wouldn’t feel guilty, and just let myself enjoy my evening. It was hard at first, but then it wasn’t. And I realized how far I’ve come in finding balance. This Sunday, I made 2 accomplishments: running a race, and eating heavy cream. What a weird sentence. I fully believe they were both equally important to my health, because healthy living begins with the mind :)

As we continued on in the cooking, I started talking more to our teacher Kaylyn and Andrea. Turns out they are both runners with an interest in healthy living and Kaylyn has her own work out clothing business! We talking about healthy living blogs, running, training, cooking, and life in general. I was so happy to talk to people who have run races and have similar interests! Their company was definitely an added bonus and a highlight of the evening! I can’t wait to order some of Kaylyn’s amazing positive affirmation clothing–I will need some uplifting work out gear for this half marathon training!

Look at all those people in one kitchen! Those of you who have ever been around while I’m cooking must know I had to take a deep breath not to freak out about everyone being in there at once! Haha. Well the rule is “If you’re in the kitchen, you have to be functional.” Everyone was :)

Doesn’t Josh look fancy in his apron? Somehow he ended up with the frilliest one with a boob outline and everything. Hot.

Pre-baked polenta souffle

Steve went to take pictures from the outside to be artsy. Obviously, I was having a blast.

Good job, Bethy and Jasy!

Bring on the meat!!!

My FAV!!! The zucchini gratin. Zucchini + goat cheese + heavy cream. How can you go wrong?


Once we all finally sat down to dinner

My masterpiece!! Bread pudding with a bourbon butter sauce. Holy deliciousness.


It was seriously one of the best nights of my life and I can’t wait until the time when I can return and try again with a new menu. Until then, stay tuned for some skinnified versions!


  1. says

    Fun!! The food looks amazing. :) I really want to do a baking class for the holiday season. Most I’ve seen are at businesses, but baking/cooking in a real kitchen would feel so much more cozier!

  2. Lisa Biv says

    This looks like so much fun!! You look fantastic, and Steve’s photos aiiiin’t shabby! High fives to everyone!
    <3 lisa biv


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