The tale of the bad bodyworks teacher

Good morning everyone! I just returned from the gym and Clementine is currently chewing on my finger while I try to post. The puppies do not like when I don’t pay attention to them as soon as I return home. I wonder how they got so attention needy. Couldn’t be from me :)

This morning I met up with Kara for bodyworks. I’ve taken the Wednesday class before and I remember it being good, but it’s been a while. Once we got in, we recognized our hard core yoga instructor from last week and we were super excited. But then super awesome yoga teacher peaced out, and it was all down hill from there. One time a few months ago, we journeyed over to an other gym for bodyworks and were less than thrilled (to say the least) with the instructor. I mean, it was hard, but there was lots of yelling and it was no fun at all. Plus, my biggest pet peeve is when we just sit there and lift weights focusing on one body part at a time. I can do that on my own. I go to bodyworks because usually it’s a bunch of things combined that I would never think of on my own and I get a cardio work out and a strength training work out in at the same time. We left that day totally not feeling it and decided we would not be returning to that gym for that class time again.

So of course today after super cool yoga lady peaces out, who walks in, but the instructor from the dreaded class of bodyworks past! As soon as I saw her, I wanted to leave, but Kara convinced me to stay and then her friend Bekki arrived and sticking it out seemed inevitable. Then, we were informed that the stereo was broken and there would be no music. This may not seem like the hugest deal, but imagine this filled aerobics room, and all the sudden we begin the class doing toe taps on the step in front of us and all you here is tapping feet. NOT GOOD. And definitely NOT fun. That’s the other bonus to group exercise–the music! I definitely had my sour puss face on and was having a hard time taking it seriously.

About half way through our half hour of shoulders (uuggghhh) this older woman starts asking the instructor to slow down the movements. I guess I just assumed she was having a hard time keeping up and tried not to judge, but was definitely taken back by her outspokenness. Well, about the fifth time she made a point of drawing attention to herself, she decided to share that she’s “been doing this for years and if you do it quickly, it doesn’t do ANYTHING.” Wow, lady. She did keep me pretty entertained though.

All in all, I still got strength training in and spending half the class on shoulders, while annoying, was probably good for me since my shoulders are un-proportionally weak. I was a little disappointed in myself for my inability to push through with a positive attitude. I bet I could have gotten even more out of it if I wasn’t focusing on the lameness the whole time. But, at least I didn’t leave! Kara was the only one to look on the bright side.

Bekki and I were cranky. You can’t see it in the picture, but I am giving the class a big thumbs DOWN!

But on the plus side, after class we walked over to Starbucks where I got more pumpkin spice! Yummmm.

After we got coffee, we discussed kind of a touchy subject, and one I have very mixed feelings about. This particular instructor happened to be overweight. Not obese by any means and obviously strong and capable of doing everything she asked us to do (I have seen work out classes where the instructor pops a squat and watches and yells–IMO, there is no controversy in this case, it is just LAME), but she definitely was not in ideal shape, or even really close to it. Bekki and Kara both stated that they want an instructor who is in better shape than them. I mostly agree with this, but it’s not really a secret that I’m not at my goal weight. This fact provided me a lot of fear and reservation in terms of entering the healthy living blog world. I felt like people would have that same reaction. I have also wanted for quite some time to become a certified personal trainer. I feel like it’s something I would be really good at, especially with overweight clients (not necessarily body builders haha), but the same fear comes with that. I feel like I am perfectly capable of teaching a work out class or working as a trainer. Does not being at my goal weight actually affect my abilities?

What do you guys think? Does a person’s size/weight/appearance make a difference in their effectiveness as an instructor? Does it affect your opinion as a work out “student”?

I’m off to make some oatmeal–I’ve been craving it since yesterday, and had no time to make it yesterday morning! Have a great day!



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