My Holiday Wish List

Okay, confession: I’ve been wanting to post about what I want for the holidays for like a month, but I felt like that sounded greedy, so I have refrained. But here’s the thing, it’s fun to talk about things you like and want to have. It doesn’t necessarily mean you expect people to buy them for you. And here’s the other thing, I get asked what I want a lot. So I figured I’d have fun doing a little online window shopping and if friends or family decide that this is helpful to them, then yay, if you decide that I am a greedy person who spends hours on end thinking about all the things you should get me and you now don’t want to get me anything, then you’re half right and that is a okay 😉

Okay, commence things I want in my life!

This rug from Pier 1 Imports

For the library!

This oh so expensive running shirt from Lululemon

Oh Lululemon, I want to own everything in your store.

Pretty much any running gear from Lululemon

I haven’t looked too much, but I have been thinking about a red (Kitchenaid if possible) waffle maker, and a donut pan (for baked donuts!) Pretty much any baking tools and cooking gadgets that I don’t own are always perfect!

Muppets Christmas Carol on DVD. I seriously have so much love for this movie.

It’s almost Academy Award season and movies are pricey for this starving artist! I love and always get good use out of movie theater gift cards!

And how cool are these? Well, really, how amazing is every item sold in Anthropologie!

I also would love running type things, but I’m so new to this, I have no idea what to ask for except for this

Not necessarily this exact one, but I have been wanting a spibelt to keep my phone in!

And my new favorite thing of all time

It’s true. I’ve become a stereo type and I love bread. I love it so much I could shout about it’s amazingness from the roof tops. I think I have a special appreciation for it after the horridness of months on end of carb diets. Blech. I’m on a new carb diet. It’s called all carbs, all the time. I like it much better 😉

Okay, the truth is, I kind of suck at ideas this year. I love everything. All gifts. Homemade, sentimental, and totally unnecessary are often my favorite. I like silly things I would never buy for myself but love to have. I just love being thought of. :)