Roasted Macadamia Butter

I don’t like pineapple. I don’t like the way it looks; I don’t like the way it smells; I don’t like how it’s all spiky and uninviting. As soon as we checked into our hotel/condo in Maui, we were handed a pineapple. Almost all of the drinks contain pineapple juice, and everything you order comes with a pineapple wedge! Steve loves them, so this was pretty much his dream come true. I, however, wanted to only eat coconut and macadamia nuts the entire trip. Oh, and fish. SO MUCH FISH. Anyway, we were given some macadamia nuts on one of our activities, and I was reminded just how delicious they are, and clearly that meant I needed to turn them into butter.

Have you ever seen macadamia butter at the store??? I have not, and I ask you: why not? I don’t get it. If every nut can be made into nut butter, why is the rest of the universe not as obsessed with this idea as I am??? I mean, it’s SO EASY. You just dump some nuts into a food processor

Look at all my red Kitchenaid appliances. They match. They are a happy Kitchenaid family. I love them like my children.

Turn it on

Whisper sweet nothings Stand impatiently in the kitchen for what seems like an hour, but is probably about 4-5 minutes, sighing a lot waiting for it to be done. Then, before you know it, you have this:

In fact, the macadamia nuts worked better than any other nut I’ve used so far. I didn’t have to add any oil, and it turned out the perfect drippy texture.

In fact, depending on your taste, you could make it with just the nuts, and no added ingredients. I like a little more flavor in mine, so I added a little raw turbinado sugar and some extra sea salt.

I put some on my rice cake before my long run on Saturday and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I kind of wanted to take the entire jar and pour it into my mouth, then go into a deep and peaceful food coma. That sounded much better than running at 4am. I settled for a little extra on my rice cake, and called it a day. Besides, I have big plans for this stuff. BIG PLANS.

No, my big plans aren’t eating it with a spoon. I wish.

Macadamia Butter

yield 1/2 pint

  • 1 1/2 cups salted roasted macadamia nuts
  • 1 tsp turbinado sugar
  • pinch sea salt (optional, depending on taste)


  1. Pour all ingredients into your food processor, and process until smooth, scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary. Transfer to half pint jar and store in refrigerator.

**Note: You may store at room temperature, but macadamias are a very oily nut. Keep refrigerated for best texture, or if keeping for more than 2 weeks.



  1. Sophia says

    I use raw macadamia nuts to make my butter. Another good nut option is Brazil nuts (high fat content)– they whip up pretty quickly too. If you enjoy dark chocolate, add unsweetened cocoa powder and process until thoroughly incorporated. I usually don’t add sugar but you certainly can. A more wholesome Nutella.

  2. Mary says

    Get, Out. We are going to Kauai soon and since I am looking forward to it with the strength of a hundred Christmases and watching Blue Hawaii on repeat, I went to Trader Joes and got some tropical things to eat to pretend I was already there. Among them, Macadamia nuts. I ate them all. Now we are in the habit of going out to eat at local Hawaiian restaurants and I eat all of their macadamia nut things (we just had the dark chocolate haupia pie with macadamia nut/ shortbread crust last night–I just teared up thinking about it). My obsession is clearly getting the better of me. THIS IDEA, though…This idea takes that to a whole ‘nother level…

    • Ari says

      Mary, I hope you enjoy your time in Kauai! If you ever get over to Maui, have breakfast at The Gazebo. I had banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup. They were kind of life changing. I definitely plan to recreate the whole thing very soon! :)

    • Ari says

      You can pat some of the salt off with a paper towel, then if it’s not salty enough, you can add more at your own taste/control :)


  1. […] butter texture, but I LOVE the way it drips right off the spoon, and has almost a melted texture. Macadamia nuts are the best nuts for spreads, in my opinion. They always come together super easy and quickly with no food processor starting […]

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