Holiday Baking 2011

You guys, I baked for 7 hours. Maybe 8. I packaged and wrote little cards while Steve photographed for an other hour or 2. This girl is t-i-r-e-d. But it’s so worth it. Every year I swear I am never doing this ever again, but I love baking for others and this year I did it the way I want. Everything is at least airing towards the side of healthier. Some things I did better than others. Like the S’mores Cups. You could probably eat like 4 and come out the same as a bowl of fro yo. Some things, like Puppy Chow, are hard to modify, but everything comes with slightly less guilt, but without being diet food. I like it. Here’s a little bit of what my day looked like and a sneak peak for the recipes that are coming your way this week!

I tried to make brownie cake pop and failed miserably. But don't worry, it was kind of a happy accident because I ended up with truffles. Truffles that will next time be prettier, but are to delicious not to share.


Ta freaking da, yes?

"But mom, when do we get baked gifts?"

Alllll done :D

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