Girls Night & Biking Through Death Hills

Hello little blog! Long time, no see. I missed you. Unfortunately, up until this weekend, my week was pretty boring, so I decided to wait until I had cool things to talk about, and now I do. :)

I had a pretty fantastic weekend. Friday morning I got off to a rough start, but with the help of some amazing friends being super kind and thoughtful, and giving me some time to get my act together, by mid afternoon I was feeling more like myself. Nicole joined me as my date to see my show, and then we met up with Carolyn for our long awaited girls night. We walked to Macayo’s for dinner and margaritas–they had skinny margs which always makes my heart happy! We had a delicious dinner outside by the lake, then walked back to my house. We were all exhausted, but proceeded to stay up talking until 1am when we finally all started falling asleep mid conversation.

The next morning, we got up, I made them my weird breakfast that I eat pretty much every morning (Greek yogurt + canned pumpkin + chia seeds + fruit + cinnamon + cereal) and we made gluten free blueberry donuts. They came out delicious, but you know what did not? The glaze I tried to make. I read that you could make your own powdered sugar in a blender with sugar and corn starch. Ummm, the glaze tasted like dirt. Carolyn and Nicole called it “earthy”, but that is a nice word for dirt. That’s okay, because I only glazed 3, so we had lots of good ones left over and glaze free!

So for the past week or 2, I’d been trying to convince Nicole and Carolyn that we could ride from my house in Mesa to our blogger meet up at Piestewa Peak. Nicole was pretty doubtful, but I twisted her arm and refused to let go until she said yes. I thought this was going to be the best thing ever, and at first it was! We had this awesome game plan and the first few miles of the ride felt great, and I was feeling so proud of myself for my cross city biking, until we realized it was 3pm–the time we were supposed to be meeting all our fellow Phoenix bloggers–and we were still 10 miles away. Whoops.

Then we finally got close to Piestewa Peak and the hills took a turn for the RIDICULOUS! I kept telling Nicole that we would be totally fine, because I had never felt so tired from biking that I thought I would need to stop. Okay, so maybe if I’m on a flat road and there’s no wind, and I can go 12 miles an hour that might be the case, but these hills were KILLING me! I think I even used the words “AHHHHH!!! This is harder than a half marathon!” Nicole and I were dying while Carolyn just kept going like it was nothing. At this point I was sure my friendship with Nicole was over and she would never forgive me for making us almost an hour late to our blogger meet up and then almost killing her on the death hills.

The good news is we arrived, not dead at all!!! And Diana, Marisa and Estella seemed to not hate us too much for being super lame and late. Either that or they are just really great actors, and they should be in my next play, because I am totally buying that although I was totally lame and made us all late, they still maybe want to be friends with me :)

I am so so sad that we didn’t get any pictures of us on our biking adventure, because in the end, I would still say it was a pretty awesome experience, and I felt like we were pretty awesome for doing it! Lots more to say about the blogger meet up….coming soon!

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