Celebrating My Spin Buddy!

Today is my wonderful, amazing friend Kara’s birthday! You may recognize her from yoga, spin, or bodyworks. Last night, a group of us went to Gordon Biersch to celebrate.

Ok, so would you like to know just how addicted to Starbucks I really am? I promise, it’s related. I met Kara because she is a barista at one of my Starbucks (yes, I have 2 that I go to–one by the gym, and one by the house. Don’t judge me). In addition, every single other person I knew at this table (other than Stevie of course), I know from Starbucks as well. When they start inviting you to their birthday dinners, you may have a problem. OR you just might be so cool that everyone you encounter wants to be your friend. Let’s go with that one!

We had a super fun night. I was actually a little nervous because other than Kara and her roommate Charlie, I had never really interacted with anyone there outside of Starbucks or the gym, and sometimes, believe it or not, I get pretty shy and nervous around new people, but everyone welcomed into their group and was super nice and I had a great time. Of course someone as amazing as Kara would come with great company!


Bekki hates pictures, but she’s so pretty!

Of course, I made dessert!

Which Kara and I fed to each other

It was a great night and I was happy to be able to celebrate with everyone! And of course while we were leaving, Steve had to stop and take more pictures :)

His pictures are getting so good! Visit his blog and send him some love! :)


  1. […] What would a birthday be without cake? In my group of friends, I am the designated birthday cake baker. I love it. One of my favorite things to do for someone I love is bake something special for them. It feels like I get to give them a piece of myself. Yes, I’m sentimental. In the past, I have made a lot of cakes that I wouldn’t touch myself. It pretty much took all the fun out of it and made me hate life a little. It’s one thing to make someone their favorite cake that happens to be a flavor you don’t like and choose not to eat it, but it is an other to be in such a strict mentality that the entire night is an internal battle. Right now, my feelings are, if I don’t feel okay eating it, I’m not making it. I’m not sure how this will go over with the best friend birthdays that begin next month, but for now, it is only healthy(ish) cupcakes coming from this kitchen! […]

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