Breakfast Sammies

After working up an appetite during my run this morning, I invited Jason over to join us for breakfast. I was planning on making a skinnified eggs benedict, but I didn’t feel like bothering with making a healthy hollandaise sauce–I don’t know if I even like the stuff (can you believe I’ve never tasted it?!) So the next best idea was egg sandwiches–think McMuffin style.

I got work crisping up some whole wheat English muffins in the oven on burn broil.

That broil button can burn food in a second. Watch out. Luckily, today I kept a good eye on things!

Winston and Clementine made sure to keep their eyes out too. What fun is it to beg for burnt food?

Eventually, all the laying around got to be very strenuous for Clementine, so she got some rest.

I cooked one egg per sammie (I usually do an egg + a white for myself, but that was the last of the eggs). A while ago I bought these egg thingies special for making the perfect muffin size egg. I love kitchen things!

Topped each muffin side with freshly grated goat cheddar, and then cooked lean meat of choosing (turkey, canadian bacon, turkey bacon) and stuck back in the oven on burn broil until the cheese is melty.

I topped 1/2 with fresh tomato and my egg and the other half (that I did not put cheese on) with sunflower butter and fig jam. Half savory, half sweet! :)

The boys each had two sammies. They were hungry!

About to start tonight’s skinnified dessert! Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!



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