Bikes and Bodyworks

Work out schedule for the week:



Wednesday-Cardio + yoga





Yesterdays bodyworks class was soooo good! Thanks to the music being back and taking from our normal awesome teacher Linda! I love her! She also teaches Tuesday spin. Kara and I were pumped to be back in a good class yesterday

In addition to jumping squats and jumping lunges, we also throughout the class did 100 push ups. OUCH! I’m sore today, but proud to report that I did all of them on my toes and never went down to my knees! I didn’t know I could do 100 push ups! I felt like a beast! :)

Then we had to take some measures to protect ourselves from the spin bikes, so we headed to Sports Authority. Their selection of bike shorts was NOT impressive and they cost the same amount as the seat covers, and let’s be honest, seat covers are way less unflattering. We a big decision to make…Memory foam?


Or spend $3 less on the regular one with no memory foam?

In case you couldn’t tell by the less than pleased look on my face, we went with….


I would love to tell you that this baby worked wonders, but mine fell off about 10 minutes into class today. I guess you have to be smarter than the bike seat. I’ll have to let you know on Thursday :)

I have a buuussssyyy day ahead of me…Have a great day everyone!



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