Bethany’s House & Vintage 95

Guess what, guess what., guess what!! My very best friend Bethany is buying a house! What? You’re not jumping out of your seat with excitement like me? Okay, well that’s probably because you don’t know Bethany. If you could imagine the person you know that is ridiculously patient, kind to everyone, always knows the right thing to say, listens to everything you say like it’s their job, and deserves the very best things always…that’s Bethany!

The whole process has been moving super fast for her. She started looking, fell in house love, made an offer, got it accepted and all of the sudden our group met up to take a look last night! I can’t even tell you how amazing this is for her. Bethany works so hard for everything in her life and buying this house on her own is such a big accomplishment! Look how pretty it is!

Cute, cute, cute and NOT cookie cutter! YAY!

There are a list things I’m jealous of

1. The fireplace

I hope that super cute chest comes with the house!

We don’t have a fireplace :( Fireplace and pool were on our list of It Would Be Really Awesome If…., but not 100% necessary. We got the pool.

2. Big grassy back yard

Winston and Clementime would LOVE this!!!!

I love that our backyard came with a pool, and I thought I would love the low maintenance of desert landscape, but with the puppies, I really wish I had a space to go out and run around with them. It’s okay, I’m sure aunt Bethany will let the puppies come visit and play 😉

3. Huge master bathroom. Our master bathroom sucks. I can’t wait to remodel it!

After seeing the house, Steve, Bethany, Jason, Nacho and I headed down to Vintage 95 for dinner.

We weren’t quite sure where to eat dinner in the area, so Steve got on yelp to find us a restaurant. Funny story…when I was looking for a day job, I applied to work here before it was even finished being built. They never called me. I have zero restaurant experience, and I hope that continues for the rest of my life. Anyway, I remember telling Steve that I wanted to try it once it opened, but completely forgot until he reminded me it was the place. Now that it’s finished, it is sooo cute!

Two fireplaces in one night. Steve, can we make a fireplace to make my lie complete? And by we, I mean you ;)

I had absolutely no idea what to order. Everything on the menu looked delicious. I asked the waitress what she would get between like 6 different things (I’m a really annoying orderer) and she definitely did not steer me wrong! I ended up with Thanksgiving. And by Thanksgiving, I mean a sandwich with turkey, cranberry sauce and brie with sweet potato fries.

I am so thankful for carbs and the fact that running gives me a little more sanity about eating massive amount of them like this.

And I also ordered this baby

When there is a sweet dark beer on draught, I can hardly ever turn it down!

I tasted everyone else’s food just to make sure it was okay for them, and everything was fantastic! Also, the prices were super reasonable. I would definitely go back…again, and again, and again!

In addition to the restaurant being fantastic, it was really awesome company. It’s been a while since the 5 of us were all together, and I loved getting the chance to celebrate this milestone that Bethany has worked so hard for. Bethy–you’ve come a long way since our days in Desert Mirage! 😉
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