Bekki’s Birthday Dinner

Good morning friends! I started off today by returning to bodyworks class for the first time in I think 3 weeks? Craziness. Kara has been working Monday mornings and I have been too lame to go by myself, but today I put my butt into gear and went all on my lonesome. I’ll admit, it is not as fun alone, but I need to be able to go to classes for what I get out of them, and not just when I have plans with someone else to go. Especially considering my gym buddy is going out of town for a whole weeeeeek! Boooo. I’m going to miss you friend! But bodyworks was fantastic as always and it was good to get some strength training in. My solo plan for the week is

Tues and Thurs: Spin

Wed and Fri: Run & yoga

Sat: Rest

Sun: Run for the Cure 5K!! My official first race ever!

Backing up, yesterday I made those fabulous Salted Caramel Mocha Brownie Cupcakes to celebrate Bekki’s birthday. By the time Steve and I headed over to Riga Tony’s at 7:15, I was so hungry I was ready to start chewing my arm off. I don’t do hunger well. That must be why I usually eat all the time :) Thank goodness for the bread and appetizer salad they brought out almost immediately! The staff were so friendly and accommodating of our huge loud group.

I had never been there before, but I’d always heard great things. I loved the way it looked and the atmosphere.

When we arrived, they brought us all our these super cute little wine shots. Have you ever heard of a wine shot? I did not shoot it. I sipped mine. Like a lady. I knew hardly anyone, so I spent most of the evening chatting with the Starbucks crew. I was SOOOOO happy because my amazing friend Amelia came! She was the officiant in our wedding and she also gave us the BEST wedding gift…CLEMENTINE! I’ve hardly seen her since then, so it kind of made my night!

The rest of the usual Starbucks crew was also there of course

Bekki announced that she likes taking pictures where her mouth looks huge.


Everyone loved the cupcakes….HOORAY!


I love these girls and I am so happy that I’ve been seeing them more lately! I love having lots of different groups of friends that all fulfill different aspects of my personality! And of course, I love this guy and his constant amazing photos! :)



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