Baked Pickle Chips

Baked Pickle ChipsOne of my favorite things about food is the way it has the ability to bring up so many memories an emotions. Kraft Mac & Cheese will always remind me of living with my friend Heather in college. The gross greasy food at Denny’s that I loved as a teenager still reminds me of my best friends.

Baked Pickle Chips

The first time I ever ate fried pickles was at the peak of marathon training with Nicole. It was the best night. We had an amazing run that morning (wahhhhh, want to run 21 miles again), and we celebrated by eating more food than I usually eat in a week. It was awesome, and I even called the pickle chips “life changing”. I think I liked them even better than the beer, which is saying a lot. 😉


Today, I’m guest posting my recreation of them–at home, baked, way healthier–over at Around My Family Table, so click over to get the full recipe!



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