A Special Birthday and My Rant About Fez

Oh my goodness, this weekend things went from busy to crazy around here. Basically every second of every day has been scheduled and with lots of good things, but I am TIRED! Let’s start with Friday. I woke up early to do some birthday baking, then worked, then went straight to see Aladdin, then straight to Mona’s birthday dinner!

I’d been really looking forward to this night because I love Mona and I love Fez. They have pretty much the best black bean burger and sweet potato fries on the planet. So we get to Fez, and I bring in the cupcakes I had made for Mona and they said they weren’t sure if they’d be able to serve them because of health code? Ummm, okay. I bring my own desserts everywhere and have never had a problem. But the guy took them anyway and put them in the fridge.

Dinner was great and I had a super fun time with all my Starbucks friends and ate delicious food. Everything was perfect, until….

Well, let me preface by it was getting late and Kara and I had plans to be up at the butt crack of dawn the next day for our long run, so when we noticed it was 10:45, Steve and I asked for our check and we asked them to bring out the cupcakes. At this point, they refused to open them, and so I asked to just have my container back. Well, 15 minutes goes by. No check, no cupcake container. 30 minutes goes by. No check, no cupcake container. Very grumpy Ari. I was tired from the day, I knew the later we stayed, the worse my chances were of having a good run the next morning, and I turned into a little bit of a Negative Nancy. It was a good 45 minutes after we asked before we saw our check and I good hour from when we asked that we were finally able to leave. It was RIDICULOUS. I love Fez. I really love the food and because of that, I’m sure I will still go back, but I will NEVER do a birthday or special event there EVER AGAIN.

Back to the fun part, the best part of the night was definitely the company

OurĀ  only three boys were segregated on their own side of the table and didn’t make it into this shot haha.

I love these girls!

Are we smiling? Because really we’re filled with anger at our stupid waiter for cutting into our rest before long run day!

Ok, the other best part? Once we FINALLY got my cupcakes back, everyone just opened the container and ate them right there anyway! HAH! Take that bitchy Fez waiter! I didn’t get to taste one because I was exhausted and ran out, but everyone said they loved them and they were a hit! Recipe coming soon! Happy birthday Mona!! Love you!!!


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