Fall TV Guilty Pleasures



Good morning friends! So there is a very good chance that this will make me sound like a loser with no life, but I am so glad Fall tv is back!! Last night I got some work done, and then ate my dessert (fro yo of course) while sitting on the couch with the puppies watching Biggest Loser. It felt like the biggest oxy moron. I have a lot of issues with a lot of what they do on the show, but I am a sucker for weight loss tv. I can’t help it. But, I will say that I already miss Jillian. Did you know that I met her???



That was last years GoDaddy holiday party. I told her she was an inspiration, and I was basically star struck. I had to kind of hunt her down because the famous people had their own private area, but my dreams came true and I met her. I wanted to ask her for a work out, but Steve threatened to call off our engagement die of embarrassment disown me asked me nicely not to.

Today I had yoga on the schedule, but Kara had to cover a shift at the bux, and I still thought about going it alone, but it’s not til 11 which is so inconvenient because I like to be done with my work out by then, so I woke up and went for a run. Of course none of my phone devices wanted to cooperate (is it time to buy the Garmin yet?!), so I just went on time and made a nice loop through the neighborhood for 33 minutes. When I got home I drove said loop in my car and used MapMyRun to input the loop to double check. Ironically, it was 3.1–perfect for getting ready for my 5K coming up! 33 minutes is not the stellar time I would have liked and have me second guessing the accuracy of last weekend’s 30 minutes, but I’ll take it, and I feel pretty confident that it is correct. Both my car and the website said so!

Side note: I just googled myself to get a link to put in, and the Arby’s menu came up instead. I think my food is a lot better.

Ok, back to my run. Again, the first 2 miles felt great and passed pretty quickly, but mile #3 still makes me wonder why I would ever want to run to begin with. But that’s okay, because I still remember the first time I ran .25 mi without stopping, and that being an accomplishment. And today was only the 4th time I’ve run the distance, so it should be hard. I came home a sweaty thirsty mess.

Honestly, someone needs to teach me how to take cute post work out pictures, because this is not cute, but it is what I look like when I’m a sweaty mess :) Winston and Clementine immediately proceeded to try to lick the sweat off of my legs. Why are dogs so weird?

Gross, Winston. They also do the same thing when I get out of the shower, but that seems much less gross to me. Although, I don’t prefer my freshly cleaned skin to be covered in dog saliva. Oh the joys of being a pet owner :)

After Winston and Clementine tried to bathe me themselves, I took it as a cue to get my butt in the shower, then made some oatmeal and caught up on last night’s Glee! I absolutely loved the season premiere. I laughed, I cried, I felt embarrassed for feeling so emotional over Glee of all things, but I have to be honest, about 1/2 of my teaching work is classes inspired by Glee. It has really sparked something in our society, and as a girl trying to make a living using a BFA in Musical Theatre, it has provided a lot of opportunities and opened a lot of doors. So when Kurt and Rachel cry in the car over their fears of not being good enough and how scary it is to pursue your dream when there will always be someone better than you, I kind of feel okay crying a little too. Because it is scary. But honestly, the more performing arts and shows like Glee become a part of our pop culture, the better chance we stand of survival as artists. So, sappy and silly as it sounds, I’m really grateful to Glee and what it has done for my field, and I love it apologetically, even when the writing is bad and the material is totes inappropes for its target audience. And even though I kind of hate the sound of Rachel’s voice. And even if I wasn’t in theatre, Jane Lynch would absolutely make it for me.


Have a good Wednesday everyone!