Rolling with the Clementine


Hi friends, did I mention I finally broke down and bought a foam roller? Did I also mention that I HATE foam rolling. It does not hurt so good. It just hurts. Buuuuttt, I do it because I don’t want to be sore, and I bought a pretty bright green one to make it more appealing. Green is my favorite color. In case you haven’t seen my wardrobe 😉 So today after my run, I got on the foam roller to try to work out some of my super tight leg muscles and no sooner do I start rolling, than does Clementine run and start love nibbling my face. I don’t understand why she does it or what she thinks she is doing, but she ALWAYS tries to nibble on my face and my ears. I don’t know if she’s trying to play with me? It’s usually cute, but also very annoying. I’ve tried to make her stop, but apparently I have no puppy discipline her cuteness makes telling her no nearly impossible. So this was my foam rolling experience

Of course Winston wasn’t far away either.

And then I tried to switch rolling positions, but she outsmarted me.

I love that silly dachshund. She drives me nutty, but she has so much personality, and determination! She is like no other dog I’ve ever met, and as annoying as her face nibbles are, it usually just makes me smile :)

In other news, I’ve been wanting to share this review of Aladdin! Come see the show!!! It really is a great production, I feel. Friday at 7, Sat/Sun at 2 @ Greaseaint Youth Theatre. If you go Friday or Saturday, you will get the pleasure of seeing me there! 😉

In even more news, I checked my site stats today and noticed something new, clicked on it and realized someone posted my cupcakes on pinterest!!!!! The recipe for my Skinnified Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes! I’m so excited!!! I made Steve pause the Top Chef finally so I could show him. Now I must see who wins! Routing for Sally! Have a fabulous night everyone.