Saturday Shout Outs

I’ve decided to try out something new on the blog, and every Saturday send out some love to some awesome friends and fellow bloggers doing awesome things. There’s a few people/events I wanted to draw some attention to anyway, so I figured it might be a cool new tradition 😉

  1. My wonderful, amazing, inspiring, and fabulous foodie blogger friend Nicole just had her appendix out, and is still making her way over to New Orleans today to walk her half marathon tomorrow! Girl just had surgery, isn’t allowed to run yet, and is staying committed to doing what she signed up for the only way she can. I’m so proud of you Nicole! Kick some butt tomorrow, and carry a drink in your hand at all times please.
  2. My cookingspiration, college bestie, and amazingly talented friend Heather just revamped her cooking blog, and started her own professional actor website! Listen friends, if you like musical theatre AT ALL, drop everything, go to her page and watch some of her videos. She is unbelievable, and she just got her first big job right out of college at the 5th Ave Theatre in Seattle which is one of the biggest regional theatres in the country and originated shows like Hairspray and The Wedding Singer that were later transferred to the b-way and became huge Tony award winning hits. I can’t wait until the day she wins a Tony and invites me as her date to the ceremony!
  3. My very favorite running blogger Ali was nominated by fitness magazine for an award for “Best Inspirational Blog” and her blog is just that. If you like running, or reading blogs in general at all, I suggest you go over and read some of her amazingness.
  4. Hermano’s band won the Battle of the Bands at Dobson High!! Their best song BY FAR was the one Hermano wrote. He is so incredibly talented and I am so proud of him!!
  5. My best friend Bethany just moved into her house!! She is officially 100% a homeowner, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has worked so hard to make her way into the challenging financial field, pushed herself and her knowledge, and it has finally paid off into something tangible that she absolutely deserves! Now she just needs to ditch the kitties, so that I can come over and enjoy her house too 😉

What about you?? Who do you want to send a shout out today? Let me know so I can give them some love!!

Happy weekend everyone! Except not for me because I’m off to work, haha.


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    Ari you are so sweet!!! Thanks for the shout out!! This is such an adorable blog post idea – its so positive and a fun way to interact with readers :)

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    Girl. You are like #4 on my list of Tony dates (following my daddy, mom, and husband…you would totally beat out a boyfriend, though). 😀
    Love you girl!

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