Pizza and wine


Helllllooo, friends! Long time, no blog. I have had the craziest week. Basically, the month of August was pretty dead work wise,which is a big part of what inspired me to really put a lot of energy into the blog. I wasn’t doing much of anything productive and was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of productivity and channeling of my creativity that came from cooking and posting a lot. Then all of then sudden September hit, and I started something like 6 new classes and rehearsals for a show all in one week! It feels great to be busy again, but it does mean I don’t have the time to cook as much as I’d like. Luckily, it isn’t affecting my work out/gym class time!

Thursday, I tried out my new bike seat again in hopes that it wouldn’t fall off this time.


Luckily, it stayed on this time and definitely made a difference! I can’t say that sitting on the bike is comfortable or anything now, but it is definitely less painful than before! Unfortunately, while my bike seat stayed on, when I took my left foot out for unilaterals, I apparently placed it in the exact wrong spot, spilling the half unused contents of my venti Starbucks water cup. Embarrassing and hard to clean up. Oy!

Yesterday I got done with work at 4–Hallelujah! It’s my one off night probably for a while, so Steve, Jason and I went over to my mom’s for dinner. Of course, there was wine.


Hank picked out one of the most delicious bottles of wine I’ve ever tasted! The guy at Trader Joe’s recommended it. It was a sparkling pinot grigio and tasted like champagne! This girl loves champagne and now I can get the same taste from a >$10  bottle of wine–yes please!

For dinner, we picked out pizzas from the new Papa Murphy’s that opened right down the street. I’ve always loved Papa Murphy’s–I only wish that they had a whole wheat crust. Instead, I settle on the thin crust. If you’ve never had it before, essentially you go, pick out your pizza (they have a million different kinds) and they give it to you put together, but uncooked, then you take it home, pop it in the oven and feel like you’re having a home cooked meal without any of the work! Genius. I got to choose the flavors and I went with the Mediterranean DeLite and the Thai chicken DeLite both on the thin crust.


I had a small slice of each and they were both delicious. It was really hard to pick a favorite, but I think if I had to, I would say the Thai chicken! The whole night was exactly what I needed. I’ve been so busy, it was nice to just relax with the fam!

This morning, Steve brought out the new toy he got for Clementine (for some reason Winston almost never plays with toys), and started playing around with the shutter speed on his camera to catch her in full cuteness.

My favorite picture of her ever.

Tonight Steve and I are celebrating (a day early) our 6 month wedding anniversary! The last 6 months have flown by and I am excited to celebrate with him–we look for any and all excused for celebration 😉 Have a good weekend everyone!



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    Congrats on 6 months!! :)
    Love the pictures of your dog! Reminds me of my own.
    And I now crave pizza and wine, must do this soon myself! (love the dinner photos too!)

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