Our First Wedding Anniversary

I have to admit, having celebrated 7 date-a-versaries before we finally tied the knot, I was not super excited about the idea of starting over at 1. In fact, I asked Steve on several occasions if we could just keep going. As of January, we’ve technically been together for 8 years, so couldn’t this be anniversary 8.1? Well, I surprised myself and ended up totally little girl giddy about celebrating our first anniversary. Turns out it’s kind of fun to start over :)

Steve was able to make a short trip home for the weekend, so that we could celebrate together. We began Sunday morning by heading over to Inside the Bungalow, where we got married. When not being used for weddings, it’s actually a super cute coffee shop. Unfortunately they were closed, so we moved on right away. We went to Cartel to get coffee because so many of our friends have been raving about it.

Any place with foam designs wins my heart.

And they don't mess around with their cappuccinos!

The coffee was great, but the atmosphere wasn’t really my thing. Too much snobby hipster, if that makes sense.

Before we knew it, it was time for work (Yes, I worked on my anniversary…on a Sunday. Sometimes my life is not ideal). Steve drove up to Scottsdale with me, then spent some time with his mom while I was in rehearsal. Once I was finished, we shopped around some furniture store lusting after all sorts of things we would love to buy, then headed to White Chocolate Grill for dinner. That’s where he proposed almost 2 years ago :) We didn’t even bring the camera in, just enjoyed being there together. It was perfect.

After dinner, we came home for the moment we’d been waiting for–the cake!!! Did you know it’s tradition to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary??

Is it also tradition to remove the flowers first? Because opening up a box and seeing dead flowers definitely did not enhance my appetite.

I’d actually never heard of this until we were in the planning stage, but I thought it sounded interesting, so that thing has been sitting in our freezer for a year.

We cut out a huge slice from the middle to sample.


"What does year old cake taste like?"

"Who cares?!?! I LOVE CAKE!!!! I will take sugar and carbs of any age please."

The result? Not great. Not terrible. The cake part tasted better than the frosting, but it definitely did not taste….fresh. I was surprised at how soft and fluffy the cake still was, but we definitely did not finish our piece, or what was left.

Steve is all present-ed out until Christmas (this past Christmas, his macro lens counted as Christmas and birthday, and I got him the balance on his bike after his 3 year old gift card to get his bike as his early anniversary present), so all I had to do was get him a card, but he surprised me with an amazing gift!

This isn’t just a photo album.

Yes, you are allowed to make fun of our ridiculously dorky nick names for each other. It's okay. I can take it.

We both really loved the movie Up, and when we were in Disneyland, I got him the grape soda pin, and now he got my an adventure book. It starts with a couple pictures from the wedding, and one from Boston with the note that this is just the beginning of our journey. Yeah, I cried. I love him. And I love this gift enough to post this picture even though I’m pretty embarrassed to admit to everyone on the internet that in real life I call him Loey and he calls me Loette. We’re special.

Unfortunately, before we knew it, it was time for me to take him to the airport :( He’ll be back for good in two weeks though, so we’re more than half way through! Hooray!! I’m just really glad we still got to spend our anniversary together. Regardless of how busy or rushed the weekend felt, it was still pretty amazing, and we have many more down the line to look forward to.

Did you/would you eat your wedding cake a year later??



  1. Rhi says

    We had cupcakes…and left them in the fridge until we moved and then I “accidentally” threw it out. I’m so picky with what I eat there is NO way I would have ate that. Hmmm maybe that’s why it didn’t last…yeah that’s it.
    Glad you guys had a happy 1 year though! CONGRATS!

  2. Lisa says

    Cartel is way snobby hipster. And Steve is way adorbs with that gift. I love you. Hit me up about the Cinco de Mayo half – whatever it was called. A pinky promise is a pinky promise. <3

  3. Christina says

    I have every intention of eating my cake on our one year anniversary! It’s is wrapped in about 10 layers of foil inside a cake box in our freezer. I only got the bite that Brian shoved in my face at the reception, so I want to actually try some!

    • Ari says

      See, I made SURE that I ate cake at the wedding! Steve and I had our own nice little table and people came up to visit with us, but it was really nice because we were just available, so we didn’t have to keep on making rounds. I ate my cake, then danced the night away. Oh, and rapped gangsta’s paradise of course :)

  4. says

    My parents kept forgetting to eat the cake from their wedding on their anniversary. Apparently it moved with us from Long Beach to Lynden (I was 5 y/o…so the cake must have been 10?). Pretty sure they ate it last year at their 30 year anniversary. Or tossed it. :-)
    And holiness, high five to Steve on the gift. SUPER CUTE. I awwwwed out loud.

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