Good Friends, Good Run, Good Food

Happy Sunday friends! Unfortunately, I went to bed and woke up feeling sicker than I have this entire time. I really felt like I was getting better Thursday and Friday, but maybe I pushed too hard when my body needed rest? It’s just a dumb cold, but it still feels pretty awful. At least it didn’t stop yesterday from being pretty fantastic!! I started the day with an awesome 5 mile run with Mariel. Mariel and I have been blog friends for a couple of months, but didn’t actually meet in person until yesterday. I was a little nervous that it might be awkward to be like “Hey, nice to meet you, let’s run” but it wasn’t at all! We actually chatted almost the entire time–which I NEVER do while running, so I kind of panted like a 500 lb man, but hopefully Mariel didn’t mind 😉 I was also pleasantly surprised to find a conversational pace was pretty much the same for both of us. I get super self conscious about my pace, but I felt like Mariel was a great running buddy and I hope she ends up joining Kara and I more often! And on top of the great company and chatting the whole time, I shaved a minute off the last time I ran 5mi!

Not too bad for being sick :)

After the run, I went to Starbucks (I know, you’re so surprised), and got seriously the most delicious drink. I almost wasn’t even going to post it because it’s not the healthiest and if you are anything like me you are going to want it over and over and over, but it’s a lot better than the latte version and just so delicious.

Grande sf vanilla bold coffee with a little steamed egg nog. Delicious.

After my coffee, I got ready and went to rehearsal, then came home and got to cooking! Jason and Nacho came over for dinner and a movie :)

"Hiiiii uncle Nacho. Put me down now please, I'm a big girl!"

I LOVE this picture of Clementine! Look at her cute, long little body! I love Winston, but Clementine definitely wins in the looks department.

Jason is so funny–he always wants to be right in on the action. The rule in my kitchen is that if you’re not functioning, you have to be on the other side of the counter. Too many people in the space gives me anxiety and makes me cranky! Jason wanted to be in the kitchen, so I gave him a job. I tried to get him to clean the sink again, but he opted for de-rine-ing the goat brie.

"I can cook too!"

Of course, I also made dessert which Nacho had fun playing with.

"I make Ari's food look as fabulous because I look fabulous!"

I absolutely loved everything I made last night and will def be posting recipes soon. Between dinner and dessert, I used an entire can of pumpkin. I’m sure you’re shocked :)

After dinner, we watched Crazy Stupid Love. I love that movie so much. I definitely feel like it was one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. We all saw it in theatres together back when it was out and as soon as Steve and I saw that it was out on blue ray, we picked it up immediately. In fact, it was one of our “for us” purchases from our shopping extravaganza.

Alright, I’m off to down a bottle of cold medicine with a side of breakfast. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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