Early Start

Hi friends! Today started off absolutely fantastic. I thought I was crazy last night when I set my alarm for 5am to get up for spin class, and when that mf anxiety kept me up most of the night again, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get my booty out of bed at that hour. Luckily, it only felt slightly awful and I got myself on the road only to realize it wasn’t just a little bit dark. It was like middle of the night dark. Wtf? It totally messed with my brain. Somehow it has become Fall even though it doesn’t feel like it here and during Fall 5am looks like 1am. Yikes!

I was soooo glad that Kara is back from LA and I have my spin buddy back! As soon as we got going, I felt excited to be there. Today was “Cycle Zone” which is supposed to be harder and shorter. It was only slightly shorter and honestly, it all feels hard haha. Definitely not noticeably harder than any of our other spin classes, but it starts at 5:45 instead of the normal early class time of 5:30 and I am a big fan of those extra 15 minutes of sleep 😉

The room was extra chilly this morning and for the first time I experienced dripping sweat while feeling cold at the same time. Regardless of the cold, it was definitely the perfect way to start the day and I left feeling PUMPED!

It was still a little chilly outside at 6:45 and I was still feeling cold from the room so I got my first hot coffee of the season! It was so delicious. Steamed soy is one of my absolute favorite things on Earth!

This morning really made me think–what if my work out was finished by 7am every morning? How much more could I get done? Would it give me that extra time I need for myself, or would I just go crazy from lack of sleep? I definitely liked the way it made me feel and had a pretty great day because of it.

Sunday I got a text from my amazing friend Jodie (she is directing Aladdin. I love her so very much.) that said that they were doing scene work in rehearsal tonight and that I could take the night off–Hallelujah!!!!! That meant I got done with work at 3pm!!!! I ran straight from work to meet Kara at the Roadrunner store where we got our running analyzed and I drooled over expensive work out clothes. Turns out my shoes aren’t so bad for what I need, but they would be better with $80 insoles. That’s not happening today, but it was interesting none the less.

After we left, I met John for coffee and we walked around downtown Tempe for a little bit before spontaneously deciding we both deserved manis and pedis! YES!!!!! We went to a place I’ve never been called Bella Salon and Spa in Tempe. As soon as we walked in, they were so friendly and once we sat down, we were brought bottled water. Also, they did not skimp on the massage part. It was so amazing to sit there and be pampered! And it was way less expensive than the place I usually go. I ended up with very October themed nails and toe nails :)

Aside from some work things that are bugging me more than I would like to admit, today was an absolutely fantastic day. I always feel so much prettier with my nails done and there is something so nice about just feeling pretty. It’s worth a little extra money sometimes!


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    I loved going to Roadrunner! So helpful since I was buying the complete wrong type of shoe for my feet!
    Good for you for getting up so stinkin’ early to workout! If I didn’t have to be at work by 7am, I’d totally do the same! I hate afternoon workouts.

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