Bucket List

1. Go to Italy.

2. Complete a half ironman.

3. Complete a tandem bike race with Steve.

4. Complete a triathlon with Steve.

5. Write a cook book.

6. Run a marathon.

7. Get my BFA in musical theatre.

8. Ride in a hot air balloon.

9. Run an ultra marathon.

10. Complete a century ride.

11. Take a photography class.

12. Take a cake decorating class.

13. Visit Chicago.

14. Qualify for Boston.

15. Make my own cheese.

16. Run a Disney race.

17. Get my MFA.

18. Play life-size chutes and ladders.

19. Volunteer.

20. Make someone’s life better.

21. Eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant.

22. Go to Disney World.

23. Go on a cruise.

24. Teach Winston to jump over those obstacles at the dog park.

25. Record a cd with Hermano.

26. Start my own theatre company.

27. Go to Australia.

28. Do one of those cool balancey yoga moves that look super hard.

29. Take a dance class from Mia Michaels.

30. Brew my own beer.

31. Spontaneously call out of all my obligations, and go on a one day vacation.