A new PR for me!!!

Good morning everyone!!! It is the most beautiful morning we’ve had here in Phoenix in quite some time and I couldn’t be happier! Finally the weather is good enough for a beautiful morning run. Let me preface with the fact that I hardly ever run and when I do, it is almost always on a treadmill and I have never gone outside and even measured my distance, but today was different, because….

I have an announcement to make!!!

I have decided to run my First.Race.Ever. The Susan Komen Race for the Cure. I didn’t want to announce until I was certain I could do it and wouldn’t back out. Running has been incredibly hard on my body in the past due to my very short achilles tendins, and has caused a lot of pain, but it is something I can and WILL push through because I have dreams of one day completing a marathon. Starting small.

I have only ever run 3.1 miles ONE TIME in my life. It was on the treadmill and I remember when I was done I wanted to cry. I went from not being able to run a full minute to running a legitimate race distance. I felt so proud. I did it that day in about 37 minutes. Not fast, but I am not speedy and I’m okay with that.

This morning I got up early, realized my window to take advantage of 75 degree temperature was small, and got my booty out the door to see how I did in the great out doors. I not only met my goal of making the 5k (I wasn’t sure I’d be able to outside since the one time was inside and almost a year ago), but I made a new PR that I’ve only been dreaming of–29:59!!!!! Just barely, but under 30 minutes!!!! I kind of wanted to cry–again.

The first mile flew by and I started to wonder why I wasn’t going for a longer race! Mile 2 still felt good, but I started to wonder when the end would come. Mile 3 I just wanted to be done haha. It was getting warmer out, I was tired, and I remembered why I am doing a 5k to start haha. The good news? My run ended me perfectly at Starbucks for water and iced coffee!


I don’t know how some people take pictures of themselves for their blogs after workouts and look super cute. I was a red, sweaty mess.


But ohhhh so happy. Now Jason and Nacho are coming over for an impromptu breakfast!


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    Congratulations!! And…you can do it! I have to tell you that once you do a race you tend to get hooked. 😀 The great thing I’ve found about doing races of all distances, road or trail, is that there is such a positive atmosphere at each one, whether it is for a charity or not. I tend to have a competitive streak in me (although I never win…I at least compete with myself) and races bring out the best of your competitiveness. You’ll meet supportive folks at every fitness level and I’ve met incredibly gracious people that win (!) and incredibly gracious people that are in the very back cheering others on as they get “looped.”

    I think you’ll have a blast. Congrats on making the commitment and good luck!!!!


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