I ♥ my running buddy

Happy Friday everyone! Today was the loooonnnngggest day. I woke up while it was still dark out at 5:30 after not being able to fall asleep til about 1am. For some reason I still got up in time for a short run. As soon as I started to put my shoes on, Winston jumped all over me and laid on my feet. I always think it’s so sweet when he tries to keep me home with him. So I decided to take him with me. Jack Russells make awesome running buddies! We didn’t have time for much so we just took a quick stroll around the neighborhood.

But on about 4 hours of sleep, it didn’t feel quick. At all. Winnie had a great time though, and to thank me, proceeded to lick sweat off of my face

**Don’t judge my hair dyed face–Kara is an arteeeest and sometimes face paint happens, but it’s worth it and fades pretty quick :)**

Look at that face (Winston’s…not mine haha)! I love him. He makes me happier than I ever knew an animal could! After we got back, I made breakfast and lunch and was out the door by just after 7. I just got home about an hour ago. Of course I walked in and immediately had to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. I went through several stages of tired today from not yet feeling the tired, to needing a nap, to grumpiness, to loopiness. Loopy was the most fun. I think my kiddos officially think I’m a nut job. Not that I disagree with that. Now I’m just back to total exhaustion. I think that means it’s bed time. I had a million things I wanted to write about, but I guess they will have to wait for an other time. Have a good night everyone! :)

Is it just me?

Today my mom asked how I was doing and I answered “You know how when you’re really sleep deprived and it makes you overly emotionally responsive? Like, the smallest thing can make me laugh or cry or be overwhelmed by joy/sadness/anything. Except, I’m not really sleep deprived.” I actually *most of the time* don’t mind being super in tune with my emotions because it leads to things like the discovery I made today.

This morning I met Kara for Spin like every Thursday. Our fav teacher was back. We ended up starting almost 10 minutes late, but she promised to make up for it. By the time we reached the top of our big hill and I discovered gear 23 (Hello gear 23. Nice to meet you. This is the first time we’ve been acquainted. To be honest, you kind of suck. But, somehow I think I may see you again sometime anyway), I knew she wasn’t lying. Then it was time for sprints. She mentioned something about the first minute and the second minute, so silly me, I thought they sprint section would only last 2 minutes. Lies. All lies. And to be honest, I kind of thought I was going to die. I felt so certain that I couldn’t keep up and that I had burnt out too quickly again, but something sparked inside of me and I knew that I had two options.

1) Give up.

2) Push harder than I’ve ever pushed and leave everything I had in that room.

When you’re that tired there is no option 3. No middle ground. At least not for me. All or nothing. So I peddled and peddled and pushed harder and faster than I knew I had in me and all of the sudden all of the emotions I haven’t really had time to acknowledge or mentally digest just came up like emotional vomit and I felt like I was going to start crying, but I wasn’t sad. The only thing I could possibly relate it to is when I’ve been on stage and fully released over into what I was doing. I completely let go in that moment and found a lot of reality inside of myself.

Sorry to sound like a nut. The truth is I am a super emotionally driven person and I 100% believe in all this crap. No one can convince me otherwise. I should come with a warning “I’m emotional. Love me anyway.”

I left class, completely beat physically, but feeling amazing mentally.

Not amazing mileage wise, but not bad considering the lost time and killer hills.

After Spin, I finalllllyyy got my hurrrrr did! One of my besties is basically the most fantastic hair dresser on earth. Her name is Kara, but she is not the same Kara from spin. Hair Kara and I have been friends for something ridiculous like 12 or 13 years, and we have had some crazy times together. Ask me one day, and I will tell you all about our shenanigans! While my color sat, I definitely went over to Great Harvest for some lunch lookin like this

Classy, right? I’ll post pictures of the new color once I actually have time to style and make myself pretty.

After my hair appt, I worked and had a super productive/challenging/amazing rehearsal. I am having such a blast working on this show and it is totally challenging my brain to think, focus, and teach in new ways. I’m so happy, and I wouldn’t turn down a single thing I’m doing right now for all the days off in the world! But I have to admit, I miss Steve and I miss these cutie patooties!

This morning, I went to grab something from my car and Winston followed me and jumped in the back seat. I guess he’s sick of me leaving all the time and he wanted to come. So cute.

After rehearsal, I stopped by my mom’s where I was poured wine and treated like a queen for an hour. My family has been super sensitive to my crazy schedule and made me feel like a million bucks the small amount of time I got to spend with them!

Tomorrow I work from 7:30am-8:30pm and it’s midnight and I can’t sleep. Yikes. Buuuutttt, I have the Phoenix blogger meet up on Saturday to look forward to! Sooo excited (and I have to admit, a little nervous)! If you live in Phoenix and you’re not already on the list, you should come tooooo! I can’t wait to meet everyone :)

Ok. Must. Try. To. Sleep.

Goodnight friends.

PS: Question of the day: Have you ever had an emotional response during a work out? Does what I expressed make sense, or do you kind of think I’m a freak? :)

Flip flop fail

Who would have thought that getting done at 8 would actually make Wednesdays my early day? They are one of my favorite days because I get to come home and eat dinner with Steve and every week he has food waiting for me when I walk in the door. Love that. Love him!

This morning I went and did some lifting before yoga with Kara, but silly me, I wasn’t thinking and thought “Oh, I’m going to yoga, I can wear flip flops!”

Then proceeded to feel super embarrassed in the weight room in my flip flops, then to make matters worse some man came up to me and told me to be careful because dropping a weight on my foot would be bad. Yes, I have lifted before, but thanks for the advice haha. Oy.

By the time we got to yoga, my arms felt like jello and it made class super challenging, but I was glad to feel jello-y after spending most of my time on cardio lately. By the time class was over, I was starving and excited to actually have an hour and a half before work–I LOVE having time to cook for myself, and surprisingly find things like chopping veggies to be relaxing and therapeutic. I guess I’m a freak :) Holy huge salad, I guess after a work out eyes > stomach.

Or not…because I ate the entire thing. Apparently eyes understand stomach.

Between jobs, the most amazing thing happened! Rush hour traffic yielded just for me! I got to Mesa so early that I had time to buy myself a treat!

Yummm. Don’t let them tell you they can’t make a chai frapp with the light base, just ask for it with the regular light coffee base, and it is soooo delicious. It totally picked me up mid day :) Then I came home to take out from Pita Jungle!!! Pita Jungle is def one of my favorite restaurants and Steve picked up a glazed chicken lavosh pizza and broiled chicken salad for us to share! I jumped right on it :)

Alright, off to spend a little time with Stevie and get all my prep work done for tomorrow.

PS: Tomorrow, I FINALLY get to get my hurrrrrr did! Whoot! Three inches of gray is not cute on a 26 year old. Thank you genetics. I’m so stoked to get all prettified :)

Not getting “What I always got”

Hello everyone! I am definitely starting to feel exhaustion setting in. Today it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out what day it was. But it ended on a good note with a great rehearsal. I’m feeling really good about the work I’ve been doing on Aladdin. I love my team and I love my kiddos.

The day also started out on an awesome note in Spin class. I don’t know what got into the instructor, but she was out for blood today in the best way possible! At the beginning of class she started coming around to check out our cadence and gears. She always says our flat road should be between gear 6-10. The last 2 weeks or so I’ve been keeping mine at 9. She looked at a few people’s and made them bump it up, but then looked at mine and just said “Yup.” I guess that means I’m where I should be? Haha. Then at the end of class she made us all bump up our flat road one gear–oy! Class was intense and definitely kicked my butt, and at the end she was talking about pushing yourself. She said “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” So true. I am the only one who can push myself. The only one who knows how much I have to give.

I feel like I am usually pretty good about pushing and giving my best, especially in a class situation or when I enjoy what I’m doing, but I know there are definitely times when I let myself off the hook. I let myself feel uncomfortable–to a point. It’s nice to be reminded that it’s all up to me, and I am in control over what I get out of my work outs, and really my life in general. I was pretty proud of what I accomplished in class today :)

After class, Kara and I were both super sweaty and totally beat but in the best way possible!

Notice the hot sweat stain on my under boob. Talk about not being cute after a work out :)

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur, but I did want to share that I added almond extract to a smoothie I made and it made a HUGE difference. So freaking delicious. I love extracts! Alright, I just have to keep my eyes open for 20 more minutes so I can work more, then I can go to bed! Good night, all!

Ari + Whole Foods = ♥

Happy Monday everyone! Today is actually my easy day! Subbing a ballet class, teaching an acting class, and one voice lesson. I’ll take it! I actually get to see mi hermano tonight!! We’re going out to dinner. I feel like I haven’t seen him or Cindy (his mom–yes, my family is confusing.) in forever. I’m also excited because for the first time ever, we are performing together for his piano recital! We compromised by picking a song by each of our favs–Turning Tables by Adele and Paradise by Coldplay. I have no idea when we will have time to practice, but I just love creating music with him, and it’s so nice to get a chance to sing!

Last night, Steve and I went on one of my favorite errands–to Whole Foods! YAY! Did you know some things are actually super cheap at Whole Foods? Rolled oats in the bulk section for 69 cents a pound! We totally stocked up on oats for about $2. Also, whole wheat pastry flour for about $1.20 a pound. On the other hands, I might have to break up with chia seeds. $10 a lb just seems so ridiculous to me! I know they’re good for you, but are they really that beneficial nutritionally to be worth $10?! I mean if I want to add extra fiber, can’t I just use ground flaxseed meal for 1/4 the price? Thoughts?

Also not cheap, in an attempt to work on my food packing issue, I jumped back to my 19 year old self and actually bought packaged food.

Only when you’re attempting to be healthy with boxed food, it is NOT cheap. I miss the day of a box of macaroni for 99 cents. The mac and cheese cups and the noodles only require hot water and a microwave and both have decent amounts of protein. I also bought out the bar section

I really try not to do the bar thing all too often, but I hate not having an easy protein fix ready to grab when I need it, so I stocked up. Plus they were on “sale.” I hate when you get something on sale, but it is still overpriced. Oy. I can’t help it, I’m Jewish :)

After some wise words from the smartest person I know (my mama!) I have realized that I really just need to invest in a lunch box with some ice packs and go back to making easy to go meals for the week like I did this summer. I love my mom. She always has the smartest advice. Also, before I bugged her to read mine, I don’t think she had ever read a blog in her life and now she calls me and says “So I read on the blog…” I’m a lucky girl to have parents who support everything I do and are just wonderful :)

While at WF, I also picked up my fav grain sweetened chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. We were completely out, and this girl likes to spontaneously bake! And lastly, I also spent too much money on these gems

Why is it that anything with butter in the title is always delicious? Nut butter, honey butter, butter butter, pumpkin butter, fig butter. It’s never a let down. TJ’s was out of my fig butter on my last trip, and I used up the very last of my figgy goodness by making oats in a fig butter jar this weekend. Oats in a jar–not just for nut butters. It was delish. So anyway, I spent more money than I should have buying this new kind at Whole Foods. It better be spectacular!

In other news, my Garmin arrived on Friday! Whoot!! It’s pretty :) So this morning I had to take it out for a little test run. I was surprised by how annoying it was at first to have it making my wrist all sweaty, but definitely worth it to track my pace. I feel like I was a little too focused on checking it out and I wish I would have focused more on actual running, but happy to see my pace average around a 10 min mile. I still have to set it up to track my pace for each mile and to pause when I stop. I stopped at the water fountain twice and stopped for a minute or so to stretch at one point. I wasn’t feeling fantastic this morning, so I kept it pretty short. I’m still trying to figure out what to eat right before I go out so that my tummy doesn’t hurt. So distracting! Plus, for some reason it just felt extra hot today. Anyway, not 100% happy with what I pulled out this morning, but it could be worse.

I’m really glad that I bought it already. I read some race recaps this morning from other blogs that were really inspirational to me and really hammered in why I want to some day run a marathon.